Wandering in Miami’s South Beach

A vacation isn’t a vacation unless one escapes the irritants of ownable life. Because really, where traveling is concerned, is that not what a temporary interlude is for? To run off to new reality and discover a hidden existence from apart from daily trifling. To discover there is more to the person than just making breakfast for the kids or working a 9 to 5 job. Traveling light is ascertaining there is MORE to life than what meets the budget or the eye.

To travel lightly has a lot of advantages, more so on the sanity of the person. It is to appreciate the beauty of the culture without literal and emotional baggage to carry around, half of which you don’t even need for a carefree jaunt. More than that, one will not be forced to take expensive accommodations because some form of protection is needed for all those material things.

The famed city of sun and sand, Miami, is a Bohemian respite. Do not expect another Soho or even a quaint San Francisco. There are no people in heels or expensive suits although this is not brought about by any lack of such whatsoever. Even if the place is one of the richest commercial beach towns, there are no airs of uptightness. Miami has energy in itself, albeit surprisingly calm amidst the cosmopolitan. South Beach is a myriad of skin, slip-ons, shorts, suntan lotion and more skin. In a place where nudity is pride, the laidback atmosphere will make a beach trip more than just visual pleasure.

South Beach is home to 7 miles of beach area where the traveler can engage in what philosophers refer to as ‘necessary boredom’. Swimming is a must, as is walking through the coastline, eating in the several seaside restaurants with access to affordable seafood, talking to pet owners or chess players, actively crisscrossing along with the thousands of bikes and rollerblades or just sitting by the coast with book and iPod ready.

If tired of the constant sunshine, go through Ocean Drive, home to the once infamous Art Deco Buildings of high crime rates. This only adds to the mysticism of the now historic area though. Don’t take a guided tour. Instead, stroll through the streets of Ocean Drive, 18th Street and Collins Avenue as if you had all the time in the world. Everywhere you go anyway, you’re sure to bound into one of the over 800 historic places in the district. The Streamline Moderne, a dominant area in the Art Deco style, is prominently evident in the Cardozo and Avalon Hotels. One can also visit the Wolfsonian-FIU museum, a fascinating display collection of the modern era.

Planning the trip on December? You might even chance upon the Art Basel Miami Beach, a display from almost 200 leading art galleries and over 1,500 artists. If not, there are still several public displays for artistic consumption whatever month you’re planning to travel.

Lincoln Road is also a great cultural sightsee even without visiting shops, boutiques and cafes. The on-street performance artists are constant wonders for tourists and locals alike. Lincoln road now reflects what architects dub as ‘MiMo’ or Miami Modern Architecture. The road itself was redesigned and is now home to concert halls, bars and restaurants but these shouldn’t be the main sightsee to a conscious traveler. Instead, go to Lincoln Theatre where a Frank-Gehry designed space can be seen. The theatre has a constant stream of upcoming artists whose performances are considered steals for such talents. For as little as $10 to $30, the traveler can now have access to Comedy Festivals, Indian Dance Festivals and Film festivals.

Even without paying, Lincoln Road can provide eye candy by going through galleries and studios for new artists at the Art Center South Florida.

South Beach Diet Reviews

Since the South Beach Diet was founded, there are thousands of people who have lost weight on it successfully. Dr. Agatston constantly receives feedback and letters talking about the diet. People who lose weight report that the diet isn’t difficult. They never felt hungry or deprived. Most of all, they felt that the basics were easy to remember and follow. After a while, they barely noticed that they were dieting.

The fact remains though that, occasionally, people do fail on this diet. What happens to those dieters?

There are several different reasons for failure. High expectations could cause you to fail. During Phase 1, you would have lost anywhere from 8 to 13 pounds. Then, you switch to Phase 2. At that point, your weight loss slows to about a pound or two a week. You’re tempted to go back to Phase 1. After all, it wasn’t that restrictive, was it?

Now, this could work for some people. But, the reality is that Phase 1 isn’t meant to be a long-term eating plan. You’re limited to a small palette of foods which is fine for a couple of weeks. After that, it gets boring and you start to cheat – just a little. But, just a little snowballs until you are cheating more than you are dieting.

Other pitfalls come in the form of daily intrusions. It could be travel that disrupts your schedule and limits your access to healthy foods. Long work hours, especially late nights at the office with pizza and soft drinks, interrupt your regime. Every day stress makes you reach for comfort foods – baked sweets, pies, cookies and chips.

The biggest culprit though can be the “falling off the wagon and forgetting to get back on” syndrome. You can do the diet perfectly for a while and then a special event comes along – a family reunion or your birthday. So, you take a break and eat whatever you want. But, it doesn’t stop there. The next day you continue to not pay attention. Pretty soon, your diet is a long way in the past and you’re back where you started.

Those are the most common pitfalls associated with the South Beach Diet. To minimize the likelihood that you fall into one, pay attention to a few things. Move on to Phase 2 after the first two weeks. Make time for yourself and your health – it’s worth it.

Finally, no matter what happens, today is a new day. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, just get back on. Just keep in mind this weigh truism. You didn’t gain the weight in a day and you’re not going to lose it in a day. The good news is you can’t gain it all back in a day either.

Adventure Travel – South Dakota

Adventures in South Dakota

When traveling in South Dakota you will find wide open spaces. Adventure can still be found when traveling through the badlands and you will come out safe and sound unlike the old days. There are many beautiful rock formations both above and underground. You can stand on the ground of Custer’s last stand and have an understanding of the history of our country.

There is a reason all the bikers visit Spearhead each year you will find the drive wide open and beautiful. The scenic highway through Spearhead Canyon is one that is not to be missed when visiting South Dakota winding along the byway you will see wildlife, scenic vistas and develop a love of the land.

Big Stone Island is a wilderness area in the Big Stone Lake Area you can only get to the island by boat or canoe. You will find a hundred acre island that has been visited for centuries. You will be able to wander the shores of the island and it will take you to a simpler time.

If you looking for a less traveled area to explore and spend a little down time you will want to visit Custer State Park. This park is just outside of the Black Hills so if you have always wanted to see Mount Rushmore it is just a quick trip.

Custer State Park offers the Needles Highway for viewing the geography and Wildlife Loop Road for viewing buffalo, antelope, mountain goat and other wildlife found in the area. You can hike the area on many of the hiking trails and take in the clean air beautiful terrain and recharge your batteries.

While you are seeking an adventure above ground there are geological wonders below ground as well. South Dakota has two underground caves that are worth visiting. The Jewel Cave that is famous for its calcite deposits, when I first saw these as a kid I thought they had to be diamonds. The Wind Cave is huge with hundred and ten miles of cave to explore. The area above the Wind Cave is full of ponderosa pine, mixed with prairie grass and the elk and the buffalo love this area.

The locals and people who live in the Midwest have a favorite place its called Lewis and Clark Recreation area. The area is famous for it’s sandy beaches, beautiful lake, boating, water skiing and known as a great place to get outdoors and enjoy yourself.

When traveling in South Dakota you feel the open spaces, enjoy the wildlife an find adventure around every turn.