South Beach Diet Reviews

Since the South Beach Diet was founded, there are thousands of people who have lost weight on it successfully. Dr. Agatston constantly receives feedback and letters talking about the diet. People who lose weight report that the diet isn’t difficult. They never felt hungry or deprived. Most of all, they felt that the basics were easy to remember and follow. After a while, they barely noticed that they were dieting.

The fact remains though that, occasionally, people do fail on this diet. What happens to those dieters?

There are several different reasons for failure. High expectations could cause you to fail. During Phase 1, you would have lost anywhere from 8 to 13 pounds. Then, you switch to Phase 2. At that point, your weight loss slows to about a pound or two a week. You’re tempted to go back to Phase 1. After all, it wasn’t that restrictive, was it?

Now, this could work for some people. But, the reality is that Phase 1 isn’t meant to be a long-term eating plan. You’re limited to a small palette of foods which is fine for a couple of weeks. After that, it gets boring and you start to cheat – just a little. But, just a little snowballs until you are cheating more than you are dieting.

Other pitfalls come in the form of daily intrusions. It could be travel that disrupts your schedule and limits your access to healthy foods. Long work hours, especially late nights at the office with pizza and soft drinks, interrupt your regime. Every day stress makes you reach for comfort foods – baked sweets, pies, cookies and chips.

The biggest culprit though can be the “falling off the wagon and forgetting to get back on” syndrome. You can do the diet perfectly for a while and then a special event comes along – a family reunion or your birthday. So, you take a break and eat whatever you want. But, it doesn’t stop there. The next day you continue to not pay attention. Pretty soon, your diet is a long way in the past and you’re back where you started.

Those are the most common pitfalls associated with the South Beach Diet. To minimize the likelihood that you fall into one, pay attention to a few things. Move on to Phase 2 after the first two weeks. Make time for yourself and your health – it’s worth it.

Finally, no matter what happens, today is a new day. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, just get back on. Just keep in mind this weigh truism. You didn’t gain the weight in a day and you’re not going to lose it in a day. The good news is you can’t gain it all back in a day either.